Frequently Asked Questions

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CG International

  • What is Retail Marketing & Advertising?

    Retail Marketing & Advertising is a unique marketing practice that personally engages with customers. A successful marketing campaign delivers a high return on investment as it can immediately show how many potential customers responded to a clear call-to-action. Retail Marketing & Advertising enables businesses to easily prove the amount of impact a campaign has had on consumers.

  • Why is Retail Marketing & Advertising so effective?

    Retail Marketing & Advertising is unique in that you have a direct connection with consumers, allowing you to fully understand their needs. This means you can deliver a truly personalized experience which, in a primarily digital age, consumers truly appreciate. Retail Marketing & Advertising is proven to be more effective than other more traditional marketing methods such as television and billboard adverts.

  • What does CG International do?

    CG International develop highly unique direct marketing campaigns on behalf of its clients’ brands and take them directly to an exciting network of consumers, specifically targeted because of their interests in what the brand has to offer. Connecting with consumers on a face-to-face basis allows us to build a strong relationship with consumers and therefore increase our clients’ customer acquisition, brand awareness and brand loyalty.

  • Why should I choose CG International?

    Although we are a relatively new start-up we have several years’ experience in the sales and marketing industry. Our fresh and dynamic approach to business will grab the attention of consumers and drive businesses forward. If you want to see ambitious goals delivered on a daily basis then CG International are the right company to represent your brand.

  • Do you have any expansion plans?

    Yes, CG International aims to expand their market reach throughout the US and potentially even beyond. The demand for our unique marketing campaigns is increasing all the time and our existing clients already wish for us to deliver their brand information to new markets. We aim to grow our market reach into several new locations within the next year and then continue expanding from there.


CG International