About The Founder

Business owner and CG International Inc. founder - Christoph Grizzard.

About Christoph Grizzard

Christoph Grizzard is founder and CEO of CG International Inc. The entrepreneur has extensive knowledge in the Retail Marketing & Advertising industry and hopes to pass on this knowledge to aspiring entrepreneurs within the industry. As a business owner, Christoph Grizzard plans to grow CG International Inc. globally and improve market reach for clients.

“I always say that ‘everything you need to know about management you learn in the field’. It’s worth all the hard work. Have fun and enjoy the process because it’s a process that is creating your future success, and no one knows how big you can get. It’s up to you to get a big dream and chase after it with everything you have” – Christoph Grizzard, Founder of CG International Inc.