Want Your Business to be Successful? Apply the Law of Attraction Formula Urges CG International Inc.

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Retail Marketing & Advertising firm, CG International Inc. recommends applying the ‘law of attraction’ formula to help drive business success.

CG International Inc. a Nashville based Retail Marketing & Advertising firm believe that to attract positive results, a professional needs to emit positive thoughts and actions. The firm are adamant that positive thinking has a further reaching impact than many people realise. This ‘Law of Attraction’ is generated due to humans being highly electrically charged biological entities, and the feelings and emotions we emit have a direct effect on our environment and, like a beacon, begin to attract similar thoughts, people and opportunities. This is why the firm believe that successful people attract a continuous stream of success, whilst negative people get stuck in a cycle of disappointment and negative circumstances.

CG International Inc. CEO, Christoph Grizzard is confident that businesses of all industries have the opportunity to leverage the Law of Attraction and use it to create a brighter business future. Here, the firm have outlined 3 ways the law can be utilised within business to create more opportunities for growth and development.

Be Specific

Without a clear and specific plan of action the Law of Attraction will not work. Business professionals need to know what outcomes they are working towards in order to attract the right people and opportunities to make this outcome happen. Visualising exactly what they want to achieve, and how they plan on getting there will help professionals create a positive and focused mind set which will drive attraction and help them reach their goals at a faster rate.

Let Your Feelings Guide You

Feelings and emotions are the drivers within the Law of Attraction, they are what individuals are emitting into the world around them and as such, those sending negative feelings into their environment will only ever get receive negativity in response. Happiness is often thought of as being contagious, so those feeling excited, happy and enthused are likely to generate more positivity and form deeper connections with the world around them which is the key to success.


Allowing means and individual needs to decide on who they will be in a given circumstance, and then take action which is consistent with this outlook. In doing this, individuals will be able to create a laser like focus that allows them to follow the path towards their desired result.  This means that even when faced with a challenge, an individual is able to focus on who they want to be and deal with the challenge in a way that doesn’t disrupt their outlook and which benefits their overall mission.

Based in Nashville, CG International Inc., are leading providers of Retail Marketing, advertising and marketing solutions, using face to face interactions to increase their clients’ customer loyalty and drive sales.

To ensure they are able to deliver consistently high results to their clients the firm regularly implement the Law of Attraction and have dedicated time and energy into educating their contractors on the power of positive thinking. As a result, the firm have seen a steady increase in their performance and improvement in every area of the business, and as such are on track for growth for the remainder of 2016.



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