CG International: Millennials are Transforming the Word Leader

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Personalized marketing specialists CG International illustrate how millennials are a generation that see the world in a different perspective, and as a result are transforming the way leaders are perceived within business.

In the eyes of the millennial workforce a true leader is no longer necessarily the person in charge, or even the person that pays their salary; being a true leader is far more about attitude and values than fancy titles. Being a CEO doesn’t guarantee respect from the millennial workforce, warns retail marketing and advertising agency CG International. With the rise of remote, flexible working, today’s workforce are gravitating towards leaders who not only support but encourage these new working practices and who are willing to provide leadership that fits in with how they want to work. As such, CG International are urging businesses to follow suit and change how they view leadership, if they are too tap into the full talents and innovation of the millennial workforce.

To help old hand professionals understand this new definition of leadership, CG International have outlined just some of the ways millennials identify a true leader:

They extend trust to employees

Having grown up in an age where any information, good or bad, can be accessed almost instantly, millennials are aware of just how rare a gift trust can be. As such, millennials will naturally gravitate to leaders who trust them and give them the freedom to work in their own way, rather than breathing down their necks all the time.

They take responsibility

Leaders who are quick to dish out the blame are outdated and not viewed favorably by millennials. Instead they believe true leaders take responsibility when things go wrong, recognize how they led their team in the wrong direction and work with them to lead them to an effective solution.

They Influence

Leaders are no longer the most cutthroat or the biggest personalities in the room, today’s leaders gain their position by being the most influential. They have the smartest ideas and the strongest ability to encourage and motivate others.

They are productive

Millennials are tired of being told what to do and treated poorly in entry level positions, this is why they gravitate towards productive leaders who aren’t afraid to muck in. Rather than barking orders these leaders motivate their team by doing, inspiring others to follow their lead.

As a firm with a strong millennial workforce CG International have considered millennial traits in every business process to ensure that both their workers and the overall business can develop and grow successfully. The firm have used their understanding of the millennial workforce to build a business model with no seniority, where everyone is given equal opportunities to learn skills, take on new responsibilities and excel within the sales and event marketing industry.

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