Are you networking wrong? Asks CG International

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CG International want to encourage entrepreneurs to develop relationships not contacts.  They share their tips on optimizing networking skills.

CG International is an internationally recognized, award-winning marketing and sales company, that specializes in the following services, event marketing, retail marketing, market strategy and strategic placement. The firm is confident that the majority of professionals are networking incorrectly.  The firm is encouraging their workers to maximize their business opportunities by extending their networking past LinkedIn endorsements and business card sharing.  They want people to assess if their connections are being managed correctly and maintained through effective communication and social interactions.

Many business people fall into the trap of placing their business contacts into categories, and utilize them only in those instances that relate to their ‘expertise’.  The firm believes that if individuals invest time in their business network, socially and maintain them, they will develop a greater understanding of each individual’s value and will assist in drafting in effective assistance when needed.

CG International shares their tips on how to nurture a business network:

Step Outside of Your Comfort Zone – By looking further than the obvious useful connections it allows a stronger business network to be developed.  Businesses during growth periods will interconnect with companies from different sectors, and by a businessperson exploring other interconnecting sources it will allow growth and transition to move at a faster pace.

Ask for Introductions (From the Right People) – A lot of the time in business it is not ‘what you know but who you know,’ that is important instead.  When looking to make a business connection with a big executive, it can be beneficial to go the longer route by harvesting a relationship with a ‘gatekeeper’ as this individual can be key to securing the all-important first appointment.

Look for Friends, not Dollars – Maintain a positive and upbeat aura, as people are attracted to positivity like a moth to a flame.  By developing friendships in business it allows ‘favors’ to be requested more effectively.  It is important to give more than is received to an extent to develop a loyal relationship.

Branch Out in Business – To move a company forward, a businessperson needs to explore beyond the circles they’ve already networked with. CG International recommends being genuine, friendly and remembering that business isn’t about contacts—it’s about forging relationships and learning and growing through them with time.

Based in Nashville, CG International is a growing sales and marketing firm that focuses on providing businesses with effective and personal marketing campaigns. Through face-to-face customer interactions the firm helps their clients to build strong relationships with their audience and learn enough about their needs to provide a personalized service, which boosts sales and brand loyalty.

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