Are You Developing the Habits That Breed Success? Asks CG International

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CG International in Nashville outlines how developing positive new habits will have a long-lasting impact on future success.

‘As an entrepreneur, you are your business,’ states retail marketing and advertising firm CG International. As such, doing things the same way day in day out is not an option. For a business to thrive and overcome even the most unforeseen circumstances an entrepreneur needs to be constantly developing new habits and learning to adapt. These new positive behaviors will increase an entrepreneur’s output, productivity and focus, which will have a direct influence on their business in future.

By working with aspiring entrepreneurs on a daily basis, CG International understands just how powerful developing positive habits can be in the pursuit of success. Through their commitment to preparing these future entrepreneurs for long lasting futures within sales and marketing the firm have ran a number of workshops on the topic of creating positive behaviors and developing new habits. Here, the Nashville-based firm have shared some of these insights.

Start Small

Diving head first into developing a new behavior or thought pattern is difficult, and the challenge ahead alone is enough to throw a person off course. Instead, people should focus on building the habit in small stages rather than worrying about the overall impact it will have. When a new habit seems small, a person feels silly not doing it, and with getting started being the biggest hurdle, chances are they will find the habit easier to commit to than first thought.

Stack Habits

Stacking habits involves associating a new habit with an existing habit, creating a mental link that inspires action. For example, if a person wants to read more, they can stack this habit with their morning commute. By reading every time they commute an individual will have created an automatic connection between these two actions and accomplish their goal.

Make it Obvious

People are easily distracted, which can create barriers preventing them from changing their behaviors. To limit the potential for distractions it’s important to make the process of forming habits as easy as possible, this means keeping all the relevant equipment and resources needed to build a new habit close to hand. For example if a person wants to exercise first thing in the morning, they should lay out all their work out clothes the night before in a place where they can’t be ignored.

CG International is always looking for new ways to increase their performance and overall success, and believe providing people with the foundations where they can develop and nurture new habits is key. As an outsourced firm that works on behalf of U.S brands, CG International have a responsibility to generate consistently high results for their clients; and helping their sales representatives to develop habits that fuel productivity has allowed them to live up to this responsibility. As well as benefiting their clients, giving their associates the tools and knowledge necessary in building positive behaviors has led to greater professional development, offering their sales force the opportunity to work towards their own individual goals and transform their ideas into action.

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